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Screening Schedule, Spring Term 2016

All films are shown in DVD or videotape format on Monday evenings at 7:30 in 106 McCormick Hall.  All films have English-language subtitles. Please direct inquiries to the course professor.

Suzhou River
February 1
Intense Visuality: Film as a Fine Art
Suzhou River
(China, director Lou Ye, 2000)

February 8
History in Film and the History of Film
Street Angel
(China, director Yuan Muzhi, 1937)

February 15
The Chinese Family Model
Yi Yi
(Taiwan, director Yang Dechang, 2000)

Horse Thief
February 22
Forms of Authority: Youth, Ethnicity, Education
Horse Thief
(China, director Tian Zhuangzhuang, 1985)

February 29
Gender and Sexuality
(China, director Zhou Xioawen, 1994)

Devils on the Doorstep
March 7
Violence and Justice
Devils on the Doorstep
(China, director Jiang Wen, 2000)

March 21
Cinema, Artistic Status, and the Sister Arts: Painting and Literature, Photography, Music and Theater
The Terrorizers
(China, director Yang Dechang, 1986)

In the Heat of the Sun
March 28
The Politics of Narrative Form: Melodrama and Embodiment−Truth, Deception, Censorship
In the Heat of the Sun
(China, director Jiang Wen, 1994)

April 4
Documentary and Independent Fillm
Please Vote for Me
(China, director Wei Junchen, 2007)

The World
April 11
Ecology: Hope and Fear for the Social and Natural Environments
The World
(China, director Jia Zhangjke, 2004)

Goog Men
April 18
Defining "China" in a Global Culture, I: Taiwan and Hong Kong
Good Men, Good Women
(Taiwan, director Hou Hsiao-hsien, 1995)

April 25
Defining "China" in a Global Culture, II: Chinese Film Goes West
Ride with the Devil
(USA, director Ang Lee, 1999)