Since its establishment, the Tang Center has been committed to contributing to scholarship in the field of East Asian art and culture through publications. Bringing in-house scholarly research projects and lecture series to print, the Center pursues an active publication program, producing books with intellectually stimulating content that are also exquisite physical objects in themselves. All volumes are produced by the Tang Center in association with Princeton University Press unless indicated otherwise.
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Visualizing Dunhuang
Edited by Dora C.Y. Ching
Forthcoming 2019
Around Chigusa book cover
Around Chigusa

Tea and the Arts of Sixteenth-Century Japan

Edited by Andrew Watsky, Louise Cort, and Dora C.Y. Ching
Preserving the Dharma book cover
Preserving the Dharma

Hōzan Tankai and Japanese Buddhist Art of the Early Modern Era

John M. Rosenfield
Published: December 2015
Art as History book cover
Art as History

Calligraphy and Painting as One

Wen C. Fong
Published: November 2014
Art and Archaeology of the Erligang Civilization book cover
Art and Archaeology of the Erligang Civilization
Edited by Kyle Steinke with Dora C.Y. Ching
Published: January 2014
The Family Model in Chinese Art and Culture book cover
The Family Model in Chinese Art and Culture
Edited by Jerome Silbergeld and Dora C.Y. Ching
Published: July 2013
Crossing the Sea book cover
Crossing the Sea

Essays on East Asian Art in Honor of Professor Yoshiaki Shimizu

Edited by Gregory P.A. Levine, Andrew M. Watsky, and Gennifer Weisenfeld
Published: December 2012
Commemorative Landscape Painting in China book cover
Commemorative Landscape Painting in China
Anne de Coursey Clapp
Published: June 2012
Bridges to Heaven book cover volume 1
Bridges to Heaven

Essays on East Asian Art in Honor of Professor Wen C. Fong

Edited by Jerome Silbergeld, Dora C.Y. Ching, Judith G. Smith, and Alfreda Murck
Published: November 2011
ARTiculations book cover

Undefining Chinese Contemporary Art

Edited by Jerome Silbergeld and Dora C.Y. Ching
Published: November 2010
Outside In book cover
Outside In

Chinese × American × Contemporary Art

Jerome Silbergeld with Cary Y. Liu and Dora C.Y. Ching, et al.
Published: March 2009
Rethinking Recarving book cover
Rethinking Recarving

Ideals, Practices, and Problems of the “Wu Family Shrines” and Han China

Cary Y. Liu, et al.
Published: December 2008
Body in Question book cover
Body in Question

Image and Illusion in Two Chinese Films by Director Jiang Wen

Jerome Silbergeld
Published: Fall 2008
Persistence Transformation book cover
Persistence | Transformation

Text as Image in the Art of Xu Bing

Edited by Jerome Silbergeld and Dora C.Y. Ching