Graduate Student Symposium
February 18, 2006
Traversing Media and Remodeling Motifs in East Asian Art

2005–2006 Graduate Student Symposium in East Asian Art

9 00 am
5 00 pm
101 McCormick Hall
Organized by the P. Y. and Kinmay W. Tang Center for East Asian Art


Keynote Speaker

Maggie Bickford

Professor of the History of Art & Architecture, Brown University

The Southern Origins of Western Zhou Bells

Haicheng Wang

Princeton University

Some Issues in Writing and Meaning in the Han Dynasty: Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Han-Peng Ho

Columbia University

The Tragic Romance of the Tang Emperor and the Indian King: A Study of the “Hetrupratyaya” Painting in Cave 83 in Kizil

Shen Wang

University of Pennsylvania

Adaptation and Transmission in Early East Asian Funerary Arts: Koguryo Tombs Ohoe 4 and 5

Heather B. Sutherland

University of Pennsylvania

The Chair in the Song Dynasty: A Study of Usage and Design

Zoe Kwok

Princeton University

Urban Planning of Two Liao Capitals: Diplomatic Policy and Ethnic Identity

Sylvia Wunsze Lee

University of Hawai’i

Fluid and Traversing Identity: Re-reading the Representation of Japan at International Exhibitions

Inhye Kang

McGill University

Rearrange the Public: The Political Impact of Pictorial and Architectural Imagery in 20th Century China

Shaoqian Zhang

Northwestern University