March 7–9, 2008
Art History, Buddhist Studies, Tibet

New Perspectives from the Tibet Site Seminar

Principal organizer: Stephen F. Teiser

Organized by the Center for the Study of Religion and cosponsored by the Tang Center for East Asian Art, the Humanities Council, and the Department of Religion

This symposium showcased papers by participants of the Tibet Site Seminar, held in Tibet in summer 2007. The seminar, taught by an international group of scholars for twelve Ph.D. students from various universities in North America, the U. K., and Hong Kong, bridged the fields of art history, Buddhist studies, and Tibet studies. Deborah Klimburg-Salter (University of Vienna) delivered the keynote lecture, “A Translational Methodology: Towards a Study of Tibetan Art History.” Other speakers presented papers on topics that ranged from Tibetan murals representing monastic practices and Tibetan visual culture in the 8th–21st centuries to examinations of Buddhist hagiographies in 18th-century Tibet and the history of the Chenrezig Chapel at Shalu.

The participants included Brid Arthur (Ohio State University), Stephanie Bogin (Courtauld Institute of Art), Yashaswini Chandra (SOAS, University of London), Wen-shing Chou (University of California, Berkeley), Damchö Diana Finnegan (University of Wisconsin), Janet Gyatso (Harvard Divinity School), Maggie Mei Kei Hui (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Nancy Lin (University of California, Berkeley), Ariana Maki (Ohio State University), Marylin Rhie (Smith College), Sarah Richardson (University of Toronto), Leigh Miller Sangster (Emory University), E. Gene Smith (Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center), Uranchimeg Tsultem (University of California, Berkeley), and Ben Wood (University of Toronto).