March 7, 2009

An international symposium in conjunction with the exhibition “Outside-In: Chinese × American × Contemporary Art” on view at the Princeton University Art Museum

9 00 am
5 30 pm
McCosh 50
Organized by the P.Y. and Kinmay W. Tang Center for East Asian Art and the Princeton University Art Museum and co-sponsored by the Department of Art and Archaeology and the Princeton University Art Museum with additional support from the Blakemore Foundation and the Carpenter Foundation

ARTiculations” intends to give voice to the six Artists in the exhibition “Outside In” complemented with remarks from several scholars who will offer different perspectives on contemporary art. The major goals of the symposium and the exhibition are to show the great diversity of what we call “Chinese” art today and to illustrate how complex and uncertain the labels “contemporary,” “Chinese,” and even “American” have become (“art” has always been uncertain).

The featured artists of the exhibition include Arnold Chang, Michael Cherney, Zhi Lin, Liu Dan, Vannessa Tran, and Zhang Hongtu. They are all American citizens; they have all been selected for quality and diversity in style, subject matter, geographical background, gender, and experience; and they are all very fine artists and highly articulate as well.

Symposium Participants

Arnold Chang
Michael Cherney
Zhi Lin
Liu Dan
Vannessa Tran
Zhang Hongtu
Michael Sullivan, Emeritus, University of Oxford
Richard Kraus, Emeritus, University of Oregon
Kuiyi Shen, University of California, San Diego
Britta Erickson, Independent Scholar
Rachael DeLue, Princeton University
Cary Y. Liu, Princeton University Art Museum