April 1–2, 2006
Bridges to Heaven

A Symposium on East Asian Art in Honor of Professor Wen C. Fong

9 30 am
5 30 pm
McCosh 50
9 30 am
5 30 pm
McCosh 50
Organized by the P.Y. and Kinmay W. Tang Center for East Asian Art with support from The Blakemore Foundation, and co-sponsored by the Princeton University Art Museum, the East Asian Studies Program, and the Department of Art and Archaeology

This symposium will feature fifteen paper presentations, and a related festschrift publication to follow will include about forty papers by Professor Fong’s students and several of his colleagues. Both will honor Wen Fong’s 45 years of teaching at Princeton, his years of leadership at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and his unsurpassed impact on the field of Asian art history. The main title of the symposium and of the subsequent publication, “Bridges to Heaven,” pays homage to Wen Fong’s ground-breaking dissertation and his resultant early publication, entitled The Lohans and a Bridge to Heaven (1958). Many of Wen Fong’s students in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean art history will present new research that has been deeply influenced intellectually and methodologically by his teaching and has ventured “across many bridges,” linking art history with a multitude of other disciplines, including literature, political and social history, religion, anthropology, and geography.


Symposium Program

Saturday, 1 April 2006

McCosh 50, Helm Auditorium
Princeton University

Registration and Coffee
8:30–9:30 am

Morning Session

9:30 am–1:00 pm

Welcoming Remarks

Jerome Silbergeld

Princeton University

Introductory Remarks

James F. Cahill

Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley

Wan-go Weng

Lyme, New Hampshire

Reconfiguring the Canon: The Art Historical Discipline


Shen C. Y. Fu

National Taiwan University

Lothar Ledderose

University of Heidelberg

Why Visual Evidence is Evidence: Rehabilitating Connoisseurship at the Start of a New Century

Maggie Bickford

Brown University

Regionalism in Han Dynasty Stonecarving and Lacquer Painting

Anthony Barbieri-Low

University of Pittsburgh

A Change of Clothes: Selective “Japanization” of Female Buddhist Images in the Late Heian and Kamakura Periods (12th and 13th Centuries)

Nicole Fabricand-Person

Lafayette College

Afternoon Session

2:30–5:30 p.m.

Material Illuminations: Inscriptions, Texts, and Print Media


Roderick Whitfield

Emeritus, SOAS, University of London

John Hay

University of California at Santa Cruz

Calligraphy and a Changing World: A Study of Yang Weizhen’s Inscription on “Album of Ancient Coins”

Hui-liang Chu

Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taipei County Government

Imag(in)ing Oriental Art in Late 19th-Century America: A Study on the Text and Color Illustrations of Oriental Ceramic Art

Hui-Wen Lu

National Tsing-hua University

“One Hundred Beauties” Multiplied

Christine C. Y. Tan

Princeton University

Fine Art Amateur Photography in Republican-Period Shanghai

Richard K. Kent

Franklin and Marshall College

Sunday, 2 April 2006

McCosh 50, Helm Auditorium
Princeton University

Registration and Coffee
8:30–9:30 am

Morning Session

9:30 am–12:30 pm

Cultural Contexts: Appreciating the Arts


Shou-chien Shih

National Palace Museum

David Ake Sensabaugh

Yale Art Gallery

Seeking Delight in the Arts: A Literary Gathering by Ikeda Koson (1801–1866)

Helmut Brinker

University of Zurich

Methods of Display and their Impact on Art Appreciation in mid-to-late Imperial China

Jan Stuart

Freer-Sackler Galleries

Making of the Royal Images: Documents and Paintings of the Chosŏn Dynasty (1392–1910)

Yi Song-Mi

Emerita, The Academy of Korean Studies

An Analytical Reading of the Portraits of Emperor Qianlong and his Consorts

Pao-chen Chen

National Taiwan University

Afternoon Session

2:00–5:30 pm

Inspiration from Realities: Art and Representation


Chu-tsing Li

Kansas University, Emeritus

Julia K. Murray

University of Wisconsin

Pictorial Maps and Topographic Paintings: Modes of Depicting Space during the early Qing Dynasty

Maxwell K. Hearn

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Camel Mountain and Lotus Peak: Images Discovered in Nature and their Representation in Chinese Pictorial Art

Robert E. Harrist, Jr.

Columbia University

Apparition Painting

Yukio Lippit

Harvard University

The Song Experiment with Mimesis

Richard M. Barnhart

Emeritus, Yale University

Reflections on Chinese Art History

Wen C. Fong

Emeritus, Princeton University

Concluding Remarks

Jerome Silbergeld

Princeton University