Proceedings from the 2013 College Art Association

Distinguished Scholar Session in Honor of Wen C. Fong

Wen C. Fong
Published in 2015 by P.Y. and Kinmay W. Tang Center for East Asian Art, Princeton University
Hardcover  |  Printed for private distribution by the Tang Center
88 pp.  |  9 × 6.75  |  21 color and 7 black-and-white illustrations

In 2013, Professor Emeritus Wen C. Fong (1930–2018) was honored as the College Art Association’s distinguished scholar of the year. This volume records the presentations by the session chair, four panelists, and Wen Fong himself — illustrating Fong’s role in shaping the history of the field. In his introductory remarks, Robert E. Harrist, Jr., described the breadth and depth of Fong’s impact by succinctly listing only some of Fong’s publications and some of the academic institutions and museums populated by his students. Yukio Lippit discussed Fong’s groundbreaking research on the Five Hundred Luohans, a set of Buddhist paintings that continues to inspire research on religious art. Shih Shou-chien outlined the influence of Fong’s structural analysis of landscape and landscape forms on Chinese art historians, and Amy McNair demonstrated how Fong spurred insightful studies of Chinese calligraphy. David Rosand shared how learning about Chinese calligraphy and brushwork enriched his own work in Western art. The volume concludes on a personal note, penned by Constance Fong, on the origin of the Ph.D. program in Chinese art history at Princeton.