Spring 2013
Art History and Conservation Science:
An Art Historian’s View of Technical Studies of Chinese Bronzes

Robert Bagley, Princeton University

Organized by Kin Sum (Sammy) Li

McCormick Hall
Cosponsored by the Department of Art and Archaeology and the Princeton University Art Museum through the John B. Elliott Fund for Asian Art

During the spring semester, the Tang Center cosponsored a series of workshops organized by Department of Art and Archaeology graduate student Kin Sum (Sammy) Li. Titled “Art History and Conservation Science,” the workshops introduced younger art historians to the value of technical studies, emphasizing the importance of understanding how objects were made and the ways art historians can benefit through engagement with up-to-date conservation sciences. This workshop prompted the participants to consider a broader view of artistic production that encompasses the notion of art not just as creative, original, and aesthetic, but also as the product of technical workshops and skilled collaboration.