Spring 2008
Artist’s Workshop: Arnold Chang

The Essence of Chinese Landscape Painting: An Insider’s View

Workshop with Arnold Chang, Fellow in The Council of the Humanities and the Tang Center for East Asian Art

185 Nassau Street
185 Nassau Street
185 Nassau Street
February 25, 27, and 28
Co-sponsored by the Council of the Humanities, P.Y. and Kinmay W. Tang Center for East Asian Art, the Program in Visual Arts, and the Princeton University Art Museum

This three-session workshop will explore the traditional art of ink landscape as practiced by the wenren (literati) painters of the Song through Qing dynasties. The instructor will utilize a multifaceted approach that includes the study of original paintings and high-resolution reproductions, a demonstration of actual painting techniques, and hands-on exposure to the traditional materials of brush and ink through guided exercises. The class will explore traditional materials (inkstick, inkstone, brush, paper), and formats (hanging scroll, handscroll, album, fan), as well as the historical and philosophical basis of landscape painting in China. An underlying theme of the discussions will be the role of tradition in contemporary art and society. No prior knowledge of Chinese art is required, but this workshop is designed to enhance the appreciation of landscape painting even for those with prior training in Chinese art history.