Spring 2011
Lo Archive Project and Dunhuang

Principal organizers: Jerome Silbergeld and Dora C.Y. Ching, Princeton University

McCormick Hall
April 14 and 15
Cosponsored by the Program in East Asian Studies and the Princeton University Art Museum with support from The Mercer Trust

As part of the Lo Archive Project, the Tang Center held a two-day workshop, with participation by leading scholars from around the country and Europe. Designed to help produce the highest quality publication of photographs of Dunhuang taken by James Lo in 1943-44, the workshop included discussions of the papers that will be included in the volumes and additional papers intended to broaden the understanding of the role of the Lo Archive in Dunhuang studies specifically and Buddhist studies in general. The publication will include an examination of the making of the Lo Archive and its place in expeditionary photography; a contextual study of archives and the relationship of the Lo Archive to European archives; an overview of the role of the Lo Archive in the study of Buddhist art; and studies of the site of the caves at Dunhuang, including the architecture and the land. Other essays will discuss the specific contributions of the Lo Archive photographs from the point of view of researchers at the Dunhuang Academy, and the development of Chinese art as documented by the Dunhuang paintings and sculpture.